Airlines Are Cutting Costs With Automated C Unit Testing

Michael Rielly

September 06, 2010

VectorCAST has been getting mentioned a lot lately. All good of course! :D Here's the latest one. In a PR Carbon article entitled, Airlines Are Cutting Costs With Automated C Unit Testing, VectorCAST was identified as the standard used by leading aerospace companies for software quality and testing on safety and critical applications.

Airlines Are Cutting Costs With Automated C Unit Testing Both airports and airlines are facing rising costs and revenue growth constraints. There is now an increased push within the airline industry toward cutting overhead costs by taking advantage of automated c unit testing.

The Requirements and Technical Concepts for Aviation (RTCA)Document Number RTCA/DO-178B specifies that qualification of a software tool is necessary when processes defined in the DO-178B document are eliminated, reduced, or automated by the use of a software tool without its output being verified.

Many of the world’s top companies use VectorCAST as a standard for software quality and testing for safety and critical applications on both commercial and defense aerospace applications. VectorCAST provides companies with the ability to increase the reliability and quality of their flight software. VectorCAST also offers c unit testing. Unit testing is the process of testing portions of a software application prior to full system testing. Unit testing as well as integration testing plays a vital part in building a smooth running application that is error-free and robust.

The article also discusses how eliminating manual testing can help embedded software development teams save time and money.