December 30, 2010

Important steps for a successful software release

Kay Diller at posted a great articleon how to launch a successful software release. In Step 3, Kay recommends creating a strong test plan and test cases and we couldn't agree more! ;)

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December 22, 2010

Popular DO-178B Myths

DO-178B has increasingly evolved into the de-facto standard for both commercial and military avionics; and more recently, general aerospace electronics. Yet, there are still a lot of questions and even a few myths surrounding the cost and benefits of DO-178B. Is DO-178B really expensive and does it add value? What are the true costs versus the benefits? Is Level A very difficult to achieve and does it really cost 50% more than Level B? HighRely has published an excellent whitepaper on the subject entitled: DO-178B Costs Versus Benefits. Here are a few excerpts...

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December 20, 2010

Software Testing for Medical Devices Seminar

Last Thursday, I participated in a joint seminar with two of our partners: SterlingTech Software and Klocwork. The Managing Software Risk on the Road to FDA Compliance seminar was the first of a series, specifically targeted to organizations developing and testing software for medical devices. The presentations focused on managing risk and ensuring compliance with FDA and IEC 62304 software development guidelines. The presentations were well... Continue reading »

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December 15, 2010

News: Vector Software selects AST as exclusive VectorCAST distributor in Israel

Providence, RI –- [via] -- Vector Software, the leading provider of software testing applications for embedded systems, announced today it has selected Advanced Semiconductor Technology Ltd. (AST) to be its exclusive distributor and technical representative in Israel. The increase in demand in Israel was the driver for the establishment of this relationship. Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (AST) Ltd., located in Raanana, Israel, was selected because of its extensive technical knowledge and thriving track record in the electronic design automation (EDA) market. “With 25 years of experience, AST has an outstanding reputation and well-established relationships with many Israeli... Continue reading »

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December 13, 2010

News: ARM Extends Software Interface Standard with DSP Library

CAMBRIDGE, U.K.-- [via] --ARM today announced the availability of Version 2.0 of the ARM® Cortex™ Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS). The enhanced version of the vendor-independent hardware abstraction layer contains extensions for the Cortex-M4 processor and includes the CMSIS-DSP (Digital Signal Processing) library of highly optimized signal processing algorithms.

The CMSIS-DSP library includes vector operations, matrix computing, complex arithmetic, filter functions, control functions, PID controller, Fourier transforms and many other frequently used DSP algorithms. Most algorithms are available in floating-point and various fixed-point formats and are optimized for the Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processors.

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December 06, 2010

News: Mentor, RIM buy embedded software firms

 SAN JOSE, Calif. [via] Mentor Graphics has acquired some of the assets of CodeSourcery, Inc., a provider of open source GNU-based tools and services. The news comes the same day Research in Motion announced it has bought The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), a developer of custom open source and user interface code for mobile devices. Mentor's move helps it expand beyond its embedded runtime products more deeply into tools.

Mark Mitchell, chief executive of CodeSourcery (Granite Bay, CA), will oversee Mentor's embedded tools business. CodeSourcery is known for its GNUcompilers assemblers, linkers, debuggers and other tools such the Sourcery G++ environment and Sourcery VSIPL++ image-processing tools. "The quality of tools is key to the perceived... Continue reading »

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