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How do we Ensure That Software Quality Has Not Regressed?

| By Jeffrey Fortin | August 23, 2017

Every time we modify code we run the risk of introducing new bugs. When programmers make changes to software to fix errors that have been identified, it can cause functions that were previously working properly...

Steve Barriault

On The Road With Steve Barriault: Not Annoyed in Hanoi! (Part 2)

| By Steve Barriault | August 07, 2017

This is Part Two of my training trip to Vietnam. If you didn't read Part 1, it is here . I walked all the way to an important temple dedicated to the Jade Emperor,...

Steve Barriault

On The Road With Steve Barriault: Not Annoyed in Hanoi! (Part 1)

| By Steve Barriault | August 03, 2017

One of the most exciting parts of my job is to go somewhere for the first time. And that is not every day I get to go to a brand "new" country to meet clients....

Jeff Fortin

A More In-Depth Look at the Embedded Enterprise

| By Jeffrey Fortin | July 31, 2017

As embedded code will move beyond fixed function devices to field upgradable and configurable devices, how do we develop software products that are safe and secure as they are continuously changing when deployed in...

Jeff Fortin

Comparing Waterfall Testing and Test Driven Development

| By Jeffrey Fortin | June 22, 2017

The waterfall model is a linear and sequential software development method that features distinct goals for each phase of development. In a waterfall development methodology, when one phase is completed, development proceeds to the next...

On The Road with Steve Barriault

On The Road With Steve Barriault: Don't Run Over The Chickens On Your Way To The Airport!

| By Steve Barriault | June 20, 2017

Guangzhou International Airport

There are some days when technology lets you down. There are some days when humans let you down. Then there are days when both happen at once....

On The Road with Steve Barriault

On The Road With Steve Barriault: Back To Bukhansan Y Valley!

| By Steve Barriault | June 13, 2017

I love South Korea, land of people that work hard but play hard too. Just came back from a two-week trip that took me there, in part to speak in front of the MDS Technology...

Embedded Enterprise

Ensuring the Success of the New Embedded Enterprise

| By Jeffrey Fortin | May 16, 2017

In the business world, the term “enterprise” has traditionally meant the full scope of an organization, and “enterprise software” is designed to meet the needs of an organization as opposed to the needs of an...

On The Road With Steve Barriault: Welcome to India!

| By Steve Barriault | April 11, 2017

Another one done! I am on my way back from India, waiting for my flight to take off in an hour or two from Delhi International Airport. That one was a quick one too -...

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On The Road With Steve Barriault: Looking for a few good Engineers and Sales Reps!

| By Steve Barriault | April 07, 2017

Well, here you have it. 2017 is the year when we can finally stop explaining to people that, no, we cannot sell them CANoe because they reached out to the "wrong" Vector. We still cannot...

2016 Software Testing Technology Report

Annual Vector Software Testing Technology Report Reveals Top Software Development Challenges and Market Insights on Technical Debt, the Internet of Things, Software Security and More

| By Anna Barcelos | April 03, 2017

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies need to ship products that consumers can trust. In addition to regulated industries that have long been mandated to perform thorough software testing, there are now many industries...

Software Quality

Three Ways to Assess the Level of Software Quality

| By Jeffrey Fortin | February 09, 2017

It is widely known that testing is the best way to check the quality of your software, but how do you check the quality of your tests?

It may seem obvious, but software should...