Sprint Planning for Test Driven Development

In this video, you will learn with Sprint Planning the basic concepts of agile software development and implementation know. Learn how the Test Driven Development (TDD) is transforming software development and results in a dramatic improvement of software quality with shorter release times....

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What's New in VectorCAST 6.3?

In this video, you will learn how new VectorCAST 6.3 enables you to work closer with teams, optimize your testing processes and improve software quality.

VectorCAST 6.3 user benefits include: 

  • Seamless integration with build systems to capture exact test configuration
  • ...
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Verification on Ada code with Static and Dynamic Code Analysis

One of the main challenges to get certification in Ada projects is the achievement of 100% code coverage, but in most projects an amount of more than 95% structural coverage is hard to achieve. What can you do with the last 5% of code that can't be covered?

In this webinar you learn...

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How Integrated Test Management Accelerates Continuous Delivery

This video, featuring guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice, VP, Principal Analyst, Application Development & Delivery, Forrester Research, Inc. Diego focuses on Application Development & Delivery Professionals, and is a leading expert on SDLC processes and practices, covering Agile development...

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FAA Regulatory Guidance for Multi-core Usage in Certified Avionics Systems

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently published guidance on the usage of multi-core processor in airborne systems. Multi-core processors offer performance improvements, legacy software reuse, and cost savings through consolidation of multiple applications on a single silicon...

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Navigating the Hurdles of DO-178C Development

DO-178C is now the standard for virtually all new software flying today. Developing DO-178C avionics software adds a significant effort over standard industry practices. Depending on a companies current engineering processes, 20% - 70% extra effort to comply is not uncommon.  Most of this work...

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Meeting ISO 26262 Testing Requirements for Automotive Software Systems

This video discuss' two main topics:  Understanding ISO 26262 requirements and how to meet those requirements in a timely fashion and ...

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VectorCAST CBA is an analysis tool that allows you to augment the measured coverage from actual testing with off-line analysis of code sections that are difficult or impossible to test. Learn how CBA can help you easily make analysis data sets to create reports documenting the entire coverage...

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VectorCAST/Manage and Wind River Simics for Massively Parallel Testing

The VectorCAST integration with Simics sits on top of a Continuous Integration server, such as Jenkins, controlling the test dispatch to a pool of Simics targets. By adopting this integrated approach using Simics, teams can overcome a variety of testing challenges arising from increased test...

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Balancing Software Requirements & Test Needs


Vance Hilderman, Director of Global Services, Vector Software
Jiri Walek, VP Product Management, Polarion
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