VectorCAST/Cover provides a convenient way to analyze the completeness of your system tests, ensuring that applications are not released with untested code. VectorCAST/Cover allows you to analyze any portion of your application, or the entire application at once. For each file that is analyzed, VectorCAST/Cover creates a multi-tabbed source-viewer widget containing the following information:

  • Coverage Summary provides a color-coded view of your source code that identifies code that is completely covered, partially covered, or uncovered.
  • Metrics Summary provides a tabular list of code complexity and currently achieved source-code coverage for each subprogram
  • Basis Path Analysis shows all control paths for each subprogram
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) for the RTCA DO-178B standard for Level A flight software

Download the datasheet to learn more about VectorCAST/Cover capabilities.